Sunday, March 01, 2009

Musings of a re-energized food blogger.

In order to douse myself in all things foodblog, I've been doing a lot of reading online and have found many favorites ... including this one The Adventures of a Kitchen Girl. It's such a fun blog. Lots of great photos and a few giveaways. So I'm linking to the post so that I can have a greater chance of winning a cookbook about artisanal bread baking.

Also I happened to be quoted by a local Ann Arbor online newspaper called the Ann Arbor Chronicle. I love this news site; it's great for local news tidbits about the community. Today's headline happens to be about maple tree tapping, something I'll blog about later. I have a tapping experiment going myself.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I've recently joined a blogroll called Great Cooks Community. It's a great place to get access to a myriad of food blogs in addition to get exposure for my blog. Check it out. It's a great resource.


Maggie said...

Jo (Kitchen Girl) has a great blog and is one of the friendliest food bloggers out there. I really love her over the top indulgent recipes.

vegwife said...

I seem to be missing out on Kitchen Girl! Gonna check those links! :D said...

I completely agree with you & Maggie. I just love Jo! She's a hoot.

Welcome to GreatCooks, I'm thrilled you're a member. I look forward to discussing Pollan's books together. I'm listening to In Defense of Food and really enjoying it.

Have fun today!