Saturday, June 21, 2008

summer strawberries

Mid June, jump-starting summer with a trip to the strawberry patch = strawberry jam, cobbler, and loads of frozen strawberries for smoothies in the middle of winter. mmmmm.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jamie at Home

How can you not be in love with the new Jamie Oliver show? I find myself sitting there nodding along with him, grinning as he takes a bite of his food and waves his arms as he processes whether or not to add more seasoning. What turns me on most about it is the connection to the garden. I totally get that and what I can't grow myself, I turn to my lovely weekly abundant Tantre Farm crop share.

Here's the newest thing I tried for the fam. Such a simple little taste and a way to use every part of the plant.
zucchini flowers
Here's another morning favorite that the kids loved.
eggy crumpets
I could go on and on, but check it out for yourself, and you're sure to see something you crave.