Saturday, August 26, 2006

best waiter ever

So I've already brought Zingerman's roadhouse up before. However, I wanted to report that the fam and I had possibly the best waiter ever there last time we went.

Here's how I quantify that:
  • brings refills on iced tea and iced coffee before the glass is empty. This means you never even have to think "gosh darn it. I'm still thirsty. I'll need to find my ridiculously vacant waiter and wait another 10 minutes before I get more iced tea." Obviously this happens to me a lot.
  • brings extra ice when he notices that my iced coffee ice is melting.
  • brings the kids meals out early, but not too early - to reduce the antsiness in their pantsiness.
  • offers my sister more home made blue cheese salad dressing when she's halfway done with her salad and he notices that there's too much green showing. He kind of looked at her in the eyes and said "You need more dressing don't you." Offering sis more cheese - extra points to be sure!
  • offers mayo with confidence upon bringing the cheeseburger to my dear sister (yes, my 100 lb sister loves cheese and mayo and can get away with it too. Grrrr). How did he know that she was a mayo on a burger kind of gal? Well somehow he did, and it was remarkable.
  • knows when to back off when he's brought the dinner so we can enjoy in peace.

This was a few days ago, so I've forgotten a few more bullet points. But you can be sure that if you're ever in Ann Arbor and happen to stumble upon Terry at ZR then you've got the best foodie of a waiter ever.

Left 25% gratuity. Which for me is saying something.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

So, here's what my craaazy sister and I have been working on the past few days. Check it out while it's still a private deal. Because once we open this up to the public, some shit's gonna hit the fan. Or maybe just the can.

Leave me a comment.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

mother *$&$#

What?! Mother vinegar. This is what I found this morning when I innocently walked into the kitchen and peered at my pear vinegar. That's what I get for buying kitschy vinegar at W Foods.

However, upon researching I find that this is something that people actually buy to make their own vinegar. Can homemade vinegar really be that much better? I doubt it.

I'm scared to use this. What if I turn into a mother of a mother. Could be dangerous.