Wednesday, September 29, 2010

mama's sick

It's a terrible thing when the captain of the ship can't keep up.  A cold doesn't keep me down;  I can power through something even a tad worse. A fever of 102.5, however, grounds me.  On the flip side, I never, I mean ever, sit on the couch in the middle of a weekday with my laptop. So while PBS is entertaining my little guy, I'm scanning around the internet and found a few new-to-me foodie sites.

don't have a good butcher around you? mail-order some.

(wow!) - check out that homemade pantry and music matches. a girl after my own heart.

The perfect pantry

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mea Culpa

I'm sorry, dear readers, that I disappeared and disappointed.  I would staunchly promise that it'll never happen again, but that would just be one more vow not maintainable.  Getting four kids started successfully and happily into a new school year has gotten the better of me.  It's not that I haven't been cooking. Oh no, my friend... There's been
  • ciabatta bread (sullivan street bakery recipe. no knead, 18 hour rise)
  • refrigerator rolls 
  • farmer john's favorite pumpkin bread 
  • kentucky chess pie  
  • cauliflower gratin
  • paella style rice with chorizo
  • clover peach pies (fried hand pies courtesy Lee Bros)
  • red velvet cake (also Lee Bros-- birthday request)
  • blueberry crisp ice cream (that's right, blueberry ice cream base, swirled with blueberry jam and crisp topping)
  • jam, jam and more jam (cherry almond, peach, apricot, blueberry bay, raspberry rhubarb, tomato chili...)
  • sauced tomatoes (quarts and quarts worth)
  • pickles (beets, summer's peak, cucumbers, watermelon rind)
  • hot sauce
  • Jamie Oliver's farro with roasted veg **** this is awesome. please try it or some version of it
  • carrot sheet cake (silver palate)
  • applesauce (for now and later)
  • homemade yogurt (topped with above jams)
  • dried herbs (with a new dehydrator)
  • matzoh ball soup (with homemade stock from homegrown chickens) 
  • not to mention, a whole greek night party - roasted beets with skordalia, stuffed peppers, spanokopita, lamb shanks and too much ouzo...
just to name a few.

I've also harvested my first honey, although it was less than I'd hoped for.  (Will try again soon and post.)  And also almost cleared my garden of it's goodies.  Basil for pesto now waiting in the freezer. Swiss chard and eggplants still growing. Potatoes and carrots to harvest.  Hens are laying -- three to four eggs per day.  At some point I can expect more, but for now I'm happy enough with that harvest.

And as usual, Zingerman's roadhouse tasting dinners never disappoint, especially the wonderful harvest dinners.  Fruits of Chef Alex's labors displayed on long buffets that make you wish for a larger plate.

Also this: just in!!  Chef Alex's mac and cheese voted best comfort food in America by Food Network.  Alton Brown's show, America's Best: Comfort Food just aired on September 20th, but I was at the taping on May 7th (and on the show for 3 seconds at the end as an unwavering fan) and managed to keep my mouth shut about it.

Tantre Farm is accepting forms for their fall and Thanksgiving shares.  Even if you are not a regular CSA member you can sign up for this.  I heartily recommend it.  Contact info is on the website.

A month has past, and I've been terrible at updating this blog.  It's all I can do not to pass out at night after I'm done with all that needs to be done. (cue - pathetic violin music.)  So here's my lofty, but loose, promise, that I will be writing again more regularly to share with you the lovely things that are going on in my kitchen and in Ann Arbor.