Friday, September 30, 2011

Blackberry Farm = Heaven

I have a backlog of several posts, but I didn't want to forget about this one.
(click on the pics to see them in full screen)
My generous husband sent me away without children for a long weekend, to where ever I wanted to go.  After hearing only a little bit about Blackberry Farm, I knew I wanted to visit one day.  A perfect opportunity. 

even the spider webs are perfect here
It was breathtaking, splendid, and certainly relaxing.  This resort was filled with activities, and non activities. 
my sis

Perfection in many ways. Every corner of the property seemed like it had been patiently pieced together with an artist's eye.  On the other hand, it was laid back and well... ideal.

However, best of all was the food at this glorious heaven on earth.
Many dishes we had were unrivaled. It was almost UNbelievable that such a place existed. 

watermelon beet soup with lime cream. swimming around are diced pieces of pickled watermelon rind, watermelon and beet.
deep fried black-eyed peas, as a garnish to a roasted squash dish.  left us speechless, and begging for more.
eating in "the Barn" for dinner. too dark for great food photos.
plate designed by Farmer John.  sketches from the farm.
a memorable seed saving talk & tour with Farmer John

the star of saturday's picnic lunch - appalachian crostini
pinot noir with lunch ~ on vacation

views like this abound

walking along the river
final sunrise. until next time.