Friday, March 20, 2009


eat dinner before you read this article about Smithfield Pork's farming practices. The article is three years old, but, hey, it's new to me. I came across it reading a great food blog of a fellow Michigander, simmer down!


mlle noelle said...

Too weird... I just posted a link to this very same article today, is that where you saw it by chance? I try to only do Niman Ranch or organic pork these days... I read the article when it came out, but it has stuck with me all this time. Scary stuff!

zegliano said...

yes indeed i saw it on your blog (which I love by the way). I've been reading omnivore's dilmena by pollan, so it really resonated with me. And I wanted my sister to read it.

i've been trying to buy niman ranch or other small scale grass fed pork lately too.

your yummo/sammy comment cracked me up. :)

Maggie said...

J&M Farms is out in my neck of the woods but they sell their pork at several locations and they also ship. You can also check out the listings on Eat Wild and Local Harvest for more local meat producers.