Friday, March 27, 2009

Barefoot of March :: tomato & goat cheese tart

As my second Barefoot recipe, I made tomato goat cheese tarts. They were wonderful, as all other Barefoot bloggers have noted. I made these small - with a glass of 3 inches in diameter. They sat on top of our simple salad of spinach and romaine with a tomato viniagrette. Wonderful as a tart, even better as a crouton. I could have had 10 of them. They were deceptively easy to pop into my mouth.

Aside from making them small, I also substituted fresh tomatoes for oven dried tomatoes that I made with our garden surplus in September. I've been waiting for something to use them for, and this was it!

Note that in the picture the bottom edge looks a bit dark, but they weren't burnt at all. I think it might have been super-caramelized tomato juices.