Friday, January 09, 2015


Lunch for a "cold day". We only have three free snow days after this. Cue ominous music. 
Note a few things here that make me happy: 
1. Grilled cheese on marble. See how some of the cheeses melt out and create a cheesy crisp. I love that part. 
2. Tomato soup: two things about this. First I made it with half of a jar or Rao's marinara sauce which I had in the fridge already open. Why waste it and open a jar of tomatoes? I added one quart of stock to the one pint of sauce, salt, hot sauce, black pepper.  Gave it a little whiz with the immersion blender. Second we topped it with a homemade everything spice mix I recently created. Imagine your favorite part of a bagel sprinkled on the soup, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, toasted onion, toasted garlic, black pepper and salt.
3. A salad for the fridge: Lately I've been spending a few extra minutes on a Sunday afternoon or evening prepping a grain salad for the fridge. Sometimes they are idyllically healthy, like quinoa citrus kale, or chili black bean & brown rice. Sometimes it's just an old fashioned potato salad. It's nice to have something with a sandwich when you're home on the weekend, or also great to throw a deli container of it in the high schooler's lunch box with an apple. This week it was blackened bow ties, with celery and soy protein, kind of a spicy creole twist on macaroni salad. When I ate it as my only lunch yesterday, I threw some blue cheese crumbles and pickled red onion slices on it, onto a bed of baby arugula. It was delicious!
(From our picnic at matthaei botanical gardens yesterday)
Isn't it cool how a vanilla plant grows up the side of another tree? 

Or how a bromeliad saves water for thirsty days? 

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