Saturday, January 17, 2015


Eats from a Chicago excursion 

Lunch at Eataly
We ate and left quickly because it was unbearably crowded.  This speck was delicious and complemented by the cabbage and apple salad.

A sweet afternoon snack at MORE. So many options to choose from!

Blurry shots from the always creative Little Goat Diner, the Girl and the Goat's sister restaurant across the street:
Pork Belly Pancake
Scallion pancake . House hoisin . Bok choy salad . Ginger maple dressing
Breaded pork cutlet . Asian BBQ . Mayo . Cabbage . White bread
Goat Almighty
Goat burger . Braised beef . BBQ pork . Pickled jalapenos . Salsa verde . Onion rings . Cheddar
Crab Rangoon Omelet
Moscow Goat
Bombay London Dry Gin. Ginger beer. Fresh ruby red grapefruit juice. Fresh lime juice

A cleansing pear breakfast for the ride home while studying.

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