Friday, January 16, 2015


My green thumb gets itchy in the winter. So I pick up little gems like this from around town. A miniature pineapple tree from Trader Joes, a maiden hair fern from English Garden, and a Meyer lemon tree -- are just the ones that I took a quick photo of.  I have an mini olive tree, a collection of orchids, a couple terrariums. I just love green things, especially ones that brighten a room and clean the air in my house. 

My newest experiment is this:
Spicy Nasturtium shoots 

After a week or so under a bulb these seeds shot up into these delicious blue-green leaves of intense peppery bite.   I plan to snip them into salads or onto sandwiches. I'm not quite sure where they'll end up. But I know that just growing then is a perfect way to scratch the itch.

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