Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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I let the kiddos go into Morgan and York for an afterschool snack. Naturally they gravitated for the chips. Who wouldn't really? As I was ogling the prosciutto, they came over to me with several bags of uniquely flavored chips. Easily my favorite was Tyrell's Roasted lamb with shrewsbury sauce. Tyrell's is a gourmet chip/snack company in the UK growing potatoes for their own potato chips. Right up my alley, a small producer who cares about the product from the seed to the bag. Here's a quote from their site about why they exist.

Passionate about potatoes would be one way of describing our team at Tyrrells Potato Chips. We've been growing our own potatoes and turning them into delicious chips here at Tyrrells Court Farm in Herefordshire since 2002. Borne out of a passion for quality and simplicity, potato farmer and founder Will Chase, has established the farm as a sustainable and growing business. Having travelled the world in the late nineties in search of the perfect potato chip production methods and equipment, he brought his new-found knowledge back to Tyrrells Court Farm and launched a product that would soon become one of Britain's best loved premium snack products.

Let's get back to the reason for this post. Yes, potato chips flavored with lamb. If you're against the eating of lamb because you feel for the poor helpless fuzzy things, I'm very sorry for you. On Easter a rack of frenched lamb chops are about the best thing you could put in your mouth. At any rate, yes these chips are flavored with lamb fat. Separate the cute white fluffy bleating from the sinfully satisfying feeling for lamb fat on your tongue.

I was trepidatious on the first bite, but once I had that inital crunch, I was hooked. The flavor is pretty intense, and I might add that they might not be the kind of bag that you eat out of while munching in front of the TV. They call loud for you to pay attention. I can't wait to try the other flavors. An excuse for another trip to M & Y.

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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

This is easily the most interesting food product I've run into in a long time. I might have to wander over M&Y way to check them out.