Friday, May 08, 2009

mushroom lovers unite

Sometimes I get an idea for a new hobby, and believe me this is not a good idea. I have so many hobbies, it's stupid. So many things I'd love to fill my hours and days with, but alas NO TIME. Mushroom hunting is one of those things that I'd love to dabble in; not do day in and day out, but just say "Yeah I can do that. No big whoop."

On my birthday I had my kids humor me and go for a birthday walk. Little did they know it would be to search for morels. I've heard that there are plenty to be found here in Ann Arbor. But mushroom hunters are as tight lipped as virgins, so you can never get them to hunt and tell.
An anonymous website suggested Bird Hill park as a potential morel site.

So for about an hour, with a toddler on my back for half of that time and the other three following along, I "walked"/searched for morels, and in fact came up with these two half-free morels. Resources will tell you that they are not as flavorful as true yellow or black morels, but for my first time, I'd say that I did a fine job.

Although I'll admit it left me wanting for more...

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doggybloggy said...

mushromm hunting is my thing.....