Thursday, May 07, 2009

birthday girl

I can remember way back into my distant childhood that the best part of my birthday was choosing whatever I wanted to eat for the whole day. The. Whole. Day. Even then I was obsessed. So even if against the grain of my natural food whole-wheat bread household, I wanted salami and cheetos, salami and cheetos it was.

I do this for my own kids now, and even though it sometimes means banana splits for breakfast, I'm cool with that. It's only once a year.

For me now, my meals of the birthday can make or break the day. I suppose even more than they can on a normal day. So after being "good" and detox-dieting over the last couple weeks, I decided to let loose. I'm going to level with you. I ate Zingerman's all day. Yeah, yeah, I'm obsessed. But it tastes good, darn it. I don't care how much it costs.

Breakfast = Farmers' hash, one egg, one Edwards breakfast sausage, onion rye toast. A cafe mocha and an iced tea.
This filled me up so much at 9:30 that I didn't even need lunch, but opted to save the hunger for dinner.

Dinner = half of a pimento cheese burger with sweet potato fries and a traverse city cherry soda (my daughter split a meal with me)

And naturally it ended with a cake (ordered from NJ from Zingermans) from my sweet mommy.

A pretty good birthday indeed.

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