Friday, March 07, 2014

a few of my favorite things

 one can never listen to Julie Andrews on the mountain too many times
just for goodness sake NO carrie underwood

Thanks to a sick day for Kimmy and a few wanders of mine, online and into a used book store, I have these gems to share. 



Nancy Silverton's Sandwich Book 
Smitten Kitchen & stuck pot rice with lentils (from the blog)

And I almost forgot!? There was a trip to NYC last weekend with visits to

Momofuku noodle bar, finally!

Gentleman Farmer

Eataly, again!  


I love Ann Arbor's restaurants; really I do. But then I visit THE city and realize that there's sooo much more out there. The caveat is that I would have to trade my gentlelady's garden for the chaos. And I don't think this gentlelady could do it.


Lilies of the Field said...

You went to Momofuku?!!

Lilies of the Field said...

You went to MOMOFUKU!!?!? without me.. .. . ?!?! WTF?