Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Camp bacon: the power of the porcine

Keeping it real. Yes there really is a CAMP BACON!
Attended Friday night's Alabama Bacon BBQ dinner at the Roadhouse.
Honestly, I don't mean this to be as kiss-ass as it sounds, but people of the world-wide-web, look at this meal! The genius of Alex Young on one plate!  Granted, it's one large plate.  It's filled with small portions of 15 different dishes all including bacon in some form or another. 
All wonderful enough that they could have been a meal by themselves.

the photo of the menu is not too clear, so here's the lowdown:

  • pink-eyed pea salad
  • crab, bacon, and rice salad
  • peaches with country ham
  • burrata with pancetta and basil
  • wisconsin cheese board
  • baby greens with fig and hazelnut viniagrette
buttermilk bacon biscuits

  • frogmore stew
  • roast ham with onion and bacon gratin
  • pork brochettes with makers mark BBQ
  • roasted corn with crawfish and slab bacon
  • charleston gold kale perloo
  • baked grits with country ham and local morel and mitake mushrooms

In all honesty the dessert course was the weakest bit here.  But I think that's a bakehouse issue.  And there's the fact that I was no longer hungry.  :)
  • sweet potato pie flavor was right on. Texture was a little stringy, just not as good as the one I make from the Lee Bros cookbook
  • lemon chess pie was good, but nothing to write home about.
  • fried peach hand pies were not good.  First of all they were cold. And I eat cold pie all the time, so that wasn't really the only issue.  The peaches were not cooked thoroughly; the dough of the pie was just not flavorful or flaky.  At this point I was glad for something that wasn't good enough to eat.  I was stuffed, like a pig, which I suppose was exactly the point.

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