Sunday, October 30, 2011

get smoked!

People of Ann Arbor,
We are luck to have such an establishment in our midst.  Get over there and show your support.  Artisan sausage and jerky at BIERCAMP on State Street in Ann Arbor (next to produce station).  Everything we've sampled has been fantastic, brisket, BBQ smoke sticks, hot dogs.   

 Follow them on Facebook to get an regular update on what's in the case waiting for you to pick it up.  Both hot and cold products are available. 

Here's today's example:
Just Made:
-Danish Sausage
-Polish Sausage
-Biercamp Classic Brats
-MI Asparagus Vidalia Onion Cheddar Brats
-Original & Cheddar Ring Bologna
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1 comment:

Shannon said...

Um, I think it's a good thing this wasn't there when we lived there. Or Mark would've been about 50 lbs bigger when I met him...