Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ann Arbor finds: #349

The relationship with your town is a relationship like any other. You've got to nurture it. You can't ignore it or small dissatisfactions turn into larger faults. That's why I'm always exploring the alleys, finding little gems to add to my Treetown repertoire.

Case in point: The Lunch Room ( (blogger app won't let me embed a link). I had heard that the food cart, The Lunch Room, had opened a brick and mortar, but not being particularly passionate about vegan ways it's never been on the top of my list of places I had to visit.

On Friday before a class period of practical exams, I knew I'd need something unique to carry me through. I would need an inspirational muse. I was walking through Kerrytown and The Lunch Room seemed to call out to me, so I went inside.

The ambiance is really cool, fits the vibe of the food. You can take your meal into the sweet Kerrytown courtyard that often gets overlooked. 

This sandwich was amazing, a riff on the classic Bahn Mi. A house-made baguette with a perfect consistency for this sandwich, full of flavor but not tearing the roof of your mouth apart on the first bite. Marinated tofu layered with a carrot sesame slaw spicy mayo and a few hidden jalapeƱo slices.  

It was just so flavorful that I found myself looking at the menu to see if this was indeed the same vegan place that I thought it was.  No meat or dairy products on the menu.  At home we often eat vegetarian, but in my mind making the cross over to vegan feels too sacrificial.  But if I could fill the docket with items like this, I would never miss animal products again. 

They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a seemingly new rotation of evening specials, like tapas or taco night.  Not to mention that the dessert counter was full of beautiful desserts. I didn't try any, but I can imagine that they'd leave you wanting another.  I'll leave that for the next stop, which will come very very soon.

As I was driving away, so satisfied with myself I stumbled on this: 
Street music? I'd pay to listen to this. 

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