Monday, April 30, 2012

Southern Spring Holiday: recapped

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I find myself headed to new food adventures, while I've still not recorded the details of the south. While you might not be exactly holding your breath, I have to stick to my vision of using The Last Bite as a food memory journal for myself. Excuse me as I briefly recap the destinations that we hit, certainly not giving them due attention, but reminding my future self what we encountered and experienced.

Lexington, KY:
Spalding's bakery,
detailed in southern holiday part 1

Roswell, GA (suburb of Atlanta):
We had a wonderful dinner here with friends.  You know how closely food is tied to emotions, so when you're really enjoying company of the ones you are dining with, great food tastes even better. Magical, even.

Nashville, TN:
Pucketts grocery
A total disappointment. Recommended by concierge and guidebooks, but no one had a good meal here.  Sometimes food is just fuel. ;)

Arnold's (included for free: a stroll with four kids through a construction riddled ghetto)
rightfully hailed as one of the great 'meat and three's.  Chaos and long lines abound, but it's all worth it.

Capitol grille (not related to the chain of the northeast) -
Creatively sound, but fell a little short on execution for us. For example, mac and cheese was made with very sharp flavorful cheese, but it was very under salted. White beans woefully undercooked in my bean soup.

Mas tacos por favor -
An out of the way Mexican heaven. I seriously wish this were closer to Ann Arbor.  Strangely enough, this was probably our best meal in Nashville. Not just well executed, but creative.  My favorite tacos were the fried avocado and the sweet potato with quinoa.  All tacos topped with a pleasantly spicy cabbage slaw and cilantro.

Apparently Nashvill-ians are upset that this spot is now known by tourists like me.  But I would have to disagree.  I'm glad someone let this jewel slip onto the national scene. Very refreshingly unique fruit pops.


Erica said...

Love. Can you include joe watchers points for some of these dishes? Just a thought. ;).

zegliano said...

i have no idea on god's green earth how to calculate those. does it require smaller portions? maybe he can give me some tips.