Thursday, April 12, 2012

Southern Holiday: Part 1

You all... I mean, y'all know how much I daydream about living in the South.  There's some sort of a visceral pull I have to the culture; yes, to the food. But more exciting to me is the way that it's entwined into the community at large.  May not be true in every southern situation, but in my daydreams this spirit lives and thrives.  That's why I look forward to these opportunities to visit southern cities -- to see how my visions match up with reality. 

On the way to visiting old friends in a suburb of Atlanta, we sleep in Lexington, KY.  After surveying and rejecting an especially nasty Waffle house, we decide to go out of the way to find what John T. Edge refers to in Southern Belly as the best donuts in the south.  I'm a huge fan, by the way... of both his donut suggestion and his writing.  This bakery was 'for. real.'  Not in any way different than it would have been decades ago.  A classic. Lucky Lexington.

right across from the Jif peanut butter factory
love the mismatched authenticity of these beauties

best ever:  tasted more like a warm zeppole or carnival funnel cake.  amazing.
the bounty

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MamaTina said...

We've been by there a couple of times, but it's always looked a bit too scary to go in. But I will definitely try to drop by the next time we're in Lexington!