Monday, March 26, 2012

Bon Appetit

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I've got to admit.  I have mixed feelings about Bon Appetit.  Sometimes it feels like "same-old, same-old".  January : low-fat easy dinner recipes.  March : spring recipes with fava beans and asparagus. No kidding? July : Independence day potato salad. November : how to keep a turkey's skin crisp but it's meat moist. We know, alreadyDon't get me wrong, I'm into the seasonal cooking schtick.  But the redundancy of these articles can be tiring.

However, in the recent future, and especially with the advent of the tablet version, I've noticed an updated fresh face of BA. Either they've hired new marketing and visual staff, or someone got a clue. 

I've been looking forward to visiting Nashville in the near future, so I was searching for spots to check out. Here's an example that caught my eye:  An interview with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, on why he loves Nashville, why he relocated there.  I love the conversation about the parallels between musicians and chefs.  "Every good chef... is a soulful person.  Either you sort of have that thing or you don't. Chefs and musicians don't like to be told what to do; don't like to have bosses. They're kind of crazy. They stay up all night."  Being both a musician and (a wanna-be) chef, I can say that he's seriously right on.  It's a cool edgy clip from February's online issue, and an example of the new face of BA.

Check it out.  Especially if you're already a print subscriber, I believe you have access to the digital tablet content.

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Christine said...

Oh, my beloved Nashville. There are some seriously good people there. And good eats.