Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Sugar House

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'Bistro Fada' & 'Si tu vois ma mere' from Midnight in Paris soundtrack
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I mentioned The Sugar House a few posts ago in the 'Detroit's alive' post, but that was before I experienced its glory.  Hard to say more than-Fabulous!  We went there last weekend, braving the "blizzard"  which turned out to be 2-3 inches.  Let's just say it's a good thing that we're 45 minutes away from the craft cocktail bar on Michigan Avenue in D-town  Otherwise it would become a habit more than a treat.

Here's the facebook status from Sugar House last week.  Keepin' it real-

The Sugar House now opens at 5pm SEVEN DAYS A WEEK! We'll sleep when we're dead, damnit, you people need your drinks!
 ·  ·  · Saturday at 12:47pm · 

If you have a vimeo account, check out this short movie ad for The Sugar House.  If you don't have a vimeo account, time to get one...

Sugar House Detroit from The Work on Vimeo.

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