Sunday, November 20, 2011

a thanksgiving to-do list

An interesting appetizer idea:
Baked pumpkin fondue

Or a calorie free apertif?:
Food porn daily

Find more recipes here:
A turkey-free Thanksgiving from Saveur
A saveur Thanksgiving
An ultimate Thanksgiving from Food and Wine

Need something to read while you're digesting?: -- find a restaurant serving local foods from local farmers

Or need something to get fired up about besides the family who is driving you insane?:
McDonald's Cruelty to chickens
Think about this one next time you order an egg mcmuffin.  Mcdonald's is the largest egg producer in the world.  They've set the bar pretty pretty low.
your turkeys are pumped with hormones 
a secret farm bill in the works: read Bittman's opinion

Need to lighten the mood after all that? :
My drunk kitchen videos on YouTube
:here's a funny note about hygiene.  wash your f#@$ing hands.:

A non-eating food activity for the weekend:

Planning ahead a bit:
Detroit Holiday Food Bazaar
Friday, Dec. 9, 2011, 5pm-11pm, corner of Napoleon & Market St (adjacent to Eastern Market)

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Anonymous said...

so want to watch the my drunk kitchen video right now. .. am craving one... . don't think the filter here at board of ed would like that .. even if i could delete history.