Friday, June 03, 2011

sometimes even a yankee...

Sometimes even a Yankee craves hush.puppies and cornmeal breaded fish.  Lake perch in this case from Bayport Fish Company.  It is supposedly never frozen - taken right from Saginaw bay which leads into Lake Huron. I picked it up on Wednesday at the Ann Arbor Farmers' Market.  Sometimes this seller is also available at the Lunasa online farmers' market.

This fish was flaky and wonderfully mild.  First dusted with seasoned flour, bathed in tabasco spiked buttermilk, then shaken in a bag of cornmeal and salt.  Fried in two inches of peanut oil.  The breading was a perfect compliment to the fish.  Sometimes a thick batter can mask the delicate (or purposely hide the disappointing) smells and taste of seafood.  This fish, however, needed very little breading. 

The little man swiping a filet off the platter while I was trying to take a photo.  
He was very pleased with himself.

Homemade tartar sauce, hot sauce, a fresh tomato and spinach salad, and an Alabama Fizz made this meal very complete.  Tomatoes courtesy of Carpenter's Greenhouse and Organic Produce, one of my favorite guys at the, who already has delicious tomatoes thriving.

Thanks to Donald Link for the fabulous recipe for hushpuppies.  We are northerners, but these were the best we had ever tasted. 

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