Tuesday, January 05, 2010

an email exchange with my dad

me to dad:
whenever i accidentally catch 5 minutes of rachel ray (most times
aiming for something a little more high brow :) ), i can't help
but think
how she's become a shell of her previous bubbly self.
don't get me wrong,
this previous version annoyed the hell out
of me, but it was much more
palatable then what exists now.
kind of like a cross between a raisin,
martha stewart, and a
sopranos character who has a case of that wretched

diane rehm vocal cord disease.

it's terrible, especially because every few months that i tune in,
it seems more and more

dad to me:
Receiving this, I feel as though I'm just another of the many
nonpaying subscribers to your blog. Couldn't you have
personalized it a bit--i.e.
Dear Reader??

Yes, I know what you mean--but that's what happens when
you pluck the cheerful deli-counter girl out from behind the
coldcut case and stick her in the corner office with cherry
paneling, expecting her to watch over the
"handlers" (i.e.. leaches) managing the media empire that
bears her name--all while cobbling together a 30-minute
meal. Then there's the husband?!?!!

Not to worry!--as of 1/1/10 the food channel has lost its
berth on cable in NJ refusing to chop its fees. Maybe
this fate will befall cable subscribers in MI.


Lilies of the Field said...

guess who i'm watching this very instant?? She's got our bowl _ and makin' some steamed fish thing in parchment..? not bad, not bad. COMCAST rocks! i'm not a lame Cablevision customer. I would take off work to call in all day if they took FOOD NETWORK OFF my television. Forgetta bout Rach... i'm talking bout everyone else.

Christine said...

Wow, I have felt the same way about Rachael Ray. Except you had the boldness to actually say it!

Anonymous said...

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