Saturday, December 26, 2009

christmas merriment

Christmas. It's one day past, 364 until the next.

There are plenty of presents and four giggling children. And of course, there is the Christ Child. My Savior. But when he created me he gave me tastebuds; possibly, the greatest Christmas present ever received. Around here, we don't dream of sugar plums. We dream of yorkshire pudding and prime ribs. We wait, we salivate for the Christmas food.


Snacks and Apps

You've had a late filling breakfast during break from present opening. You know you're going to have a rich dinner, but you need a little snack in the early afternoon to tide you over.

various crackers & breadsticks, prosciutto (can't live without it), brie, comte, beemster aged gouda, zingerman's pimento cheese, marinated mushrooms, green spanish olives

nantucket bay scallops seared with a balsamic reduction

cranberry prosecco


(apologies for the poor picture quality - I was exhausted)
  • beef tenderloin from Sparrow roasted with a mustard herb paste :: topped with a mushroom cabernet cream
  • truffled mashed potatoes (mashed in the food mill and combined with truffle butter and white truffle oil, with sour cream)
  • roasted broccoli tossed in pistachio paste

  • christmas cookies
  • cannolis, mail ordered from Mike's Pastry (an Anastasio tradition) - (I left my heart in Boston, after all)
  • homemade kahlua with a dash of calder cream


Lilies of the Field said...

i am going to go to the fridge now for leftovers, my MacBook buddy.

Lilies of the Field said...

i just had a taylor ham, egg and cheese at New Providence diner _ but I'm eyein' the pimento cheese on the counter top.. and the spinach_ shrimp/pom/gorgonz salad..... . ah.