Saturday, July 25, 2009

Detroit's Eastern Market

Today we took a little road trip downtown Detroit (De-TWOI) to Eastern Market, what they claim to be the largest public market district in the country. I suppose they can't really call it a farmers' market because there are wholesalers and other retailers there as well as the real honest farmers.

Yes, I had the whole family down there. To clarify, the whole HUNGRY family, and shoes on that were more fashionable than comfortable, as I'm sometimes prone to doing. However, we were in luck because we found a parking spot in a small lot on Russell Street.

And I spotted a pizzeria sign. So I made a dash across Russell and ended up with the best pizza I've had since I moved to the midwest 11 years ago. The pizza of the day was ligurian pesto with potato and red onion. Fantastic combination. The textures were perfect; potatoes were sliced paper thin, adding to the complete package.

After we'd had our fill, we moved on through the main sheds of Eastern market. I was surely impressed with the size of the public market. Up and down the main drag, you see fairly typical (read: boring) mid-summer produce. But, to be fair I didn't really get the chance to go up and down every alley to pay close attention to the specialty booths.

After stumbling around for forty minutes, with a sleepy 30 lb toddler on his back, my husband declared that the pizza was probably the best part of this trip. Granted, he doesn't quite get the same kick out of a good farmers' market. (Even though I'd probably agree with him.) We made out with three different kinds of cherries, cherry vinaigrette, sunflowers, and a large bag each of pistachios and roasted peanuts.

Next time, I'll be back, by myself (or with an adult friend) and sneakers, and I'll be able to do a more thorough exploring of the whole district. Plus I'll have to get some more of that Supino Pizza. For REAL.

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