Saturday, April 18, 2009

why i hate to eat on the road

I'm dreading every long ride now. I know I need to just start packing food, but with four little ones it's sometimes near impossible to pack suitcases and American Girl dolls and books and toothbrushes and Nintendo DS's and diapers, and then on top of it all pack a lunch for six. I need to do it, but I just haven't gotten in the habit. At any rate, everyone was hungry, so we pulled into a Wendy's.

When asked by my husband what I wanted, I replied, Cripy chicken sandwich (which although it is fast food is at least real chicken breast) and large unsweetened iced tea.

Here's what was in the wrapper - chicken sponge.

I detest chicken sponge, but we were already back on the highway and it was 2pm and I hadn't eaten all day. I had a small reserve of snacks left for the kids, but I could bring myself to steal from my toddler. In my husband's defense he offered to turn around and rectify the situation, but it was too late. I had already lost my appetite.

Why must they tease and call it chicken? It is most certainly not chicken.

Excuse me while I gag.

This is habit-changing.


doggybloggy said...

I pack food for us when we go anywhere but the downside to that is my kid thinks I am warehouse of goodies where - ever we go. Its cute in a way - he sees I am not carrying anything but he asks if I have anything to eat or drink - on me!

TheKitchenWitch said...

Chicken sponge! Good term! Not good that you had to ingest it, but it's a good term :)

Angie said...

In my pre-allergy days (I'm now allergic to all fastfood) I used to love going to Chick-Filet, because there sandwhiches felt more like real food. But I'm not sure if they have Chick-Filet in all parts of the country.