Wednesday, February 25, 2009

free as a bird

Have you tried the chicken nuggets by Freebird? Really I despise the idea of chicken nuggets, I do. But when you have little ones in the house sometimes, once in a while, you have to compromise your food ideals. Generally we eat pretty real food around here, not magic food, as a dear friend once called it (C soup casseroles, etc.). When we eat it, it looks like and tastes like the real thing - only enhanced with spice and the Maillard reaction.

The Freebird chicken nuggets do have an honest chicken breast flavor which if you've tried any other nuggets recently you'll know is not a given. And the best part is that there is no magic in the flavor. No chicken flavor, like Mickey D's adds to their disgusting McFrankenNuggets. Seriously, what in the world is all that stuff? And they don't even write the ingredients of the stuff that they spray on the nuggets to make them stay edible in their freezers. Yikes. This is not intended to be an indictment of McDonald's. Just don't let them fool you with their commericals where they pretend to care about the produce. Again, I digress.

If you have a clientele for nuggets in your house, look out for these. They seem to be a guilt-free compromise between what the kids want and what you desire for them to eat.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I haven't tried these, and I do have a nugget hound in the house, (and no, we don't do the fast food thing, either), but I've also found they're really easy to make by cutting chicken breasts into chunks, tossing them in flour, tossing them a second time in an egg beaten with some water, and finally rolling them around in some panko. Then just drizzle some olive oil over them and bake them at 375 for 15 - 20 minutes. Just about as easy.

Maggie said...

My son is addicted to Bell and Evan's nuggets. I make homemade ones to lure him away but he still likes theirs better, which of course drives me nuts! My husband loves the B&E coconut ones too.

shortbreadsouth said...

In my house most of the time they get home cooked meals, but sometimes you need something easy and fast. I buy the Bell and Evans nuggets, too.