Wednesday, January 09, 2013

people: it is the future

2013 just sounds weird.
Doesn't it?
But it's another opportunity.
A clean slate.
A new year.
Full of promises,
sunrises and sunsets,
failures and successes,
lessons to learn, goals to achieve...

I have been working...  & reading and cooking and cooking and reading. Not so much blogging.
Here are some things I've stumbled on during this first week of the year 2013.  

Lofty goals for 2013 at Food52

Make your own '13 tea blend: 

Serious reading: Fixing our food problem by Bittman

NYC genius: 
Not surprising Murray's cheese comes up with this genius idea. Welsh Rarebit is in my top five meals, but on top of a burger!  Gilding the lily, for sure.

Need ideas for your next trip?
Start saving up for Blackberry Farm:

Follow the trends:
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Serious eats chronicles the most popular recipes of 2012

Best things Gourmet ate all year - 2012

Music is my wine: (Not food related, but such an cool story and article)
A friend points me toward this poignant article about music & the interpretation of art/genius
Joshua Bell hits the DC subway

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