Wednesday, September 26, 2012

west coast conference

I understand this song a little more now. 
Julie London

I've sat on this long enough - so it's even though it's not the most thorough, I'll post.

California, baby! no kids, no boys, no real life responsibilities, except to eat, rest, and laugh.
Mission Accomplished.

Day one: coastline.


preparing farmers' market spoils for our hosts

Day two: wine and extra virgins
olive oil, you pervs.
Very lovely tours arranged by Alex and Barbara.

On the way back from Paso Robles 
we drove through miles and miles of fields of Dole owned property,
with wind ripping through our hair in the 100 degree sun. 

 I'm assuming those beautiful greens are 
what they dip in chlorine and bag up for your "Easy" salad bags. gag. 
(an aside: buy lettuce heads and wash them. 
You'll realize that you've forgotten what greens taste like.  
I guarantee you're so used to the faint odor and taste of chlorine,
 you don't even realize it any more.)

Day three: San fran!

the line was ridiculous but it was worth it. 

and finally...
This was the best croissant that I've ever eaten.  
It was otherworldly: crunchy crackly buttery yet almost custard-y in the middle. 
Uncountable layers.

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Erica said...

I like the step down line up! kelly does not get to be in the middle anymore.