Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jersey Shore 2012

I find myself sitting & staring. At the Atlantic Ocean.
Lake Michigan is serene and superbly magical, as are all of her smaller tributaries.
But the ocean is... the OCEAN
Deep deep full breaths.  I'm saving enough deep breaths to call up in November and March when the grey and cold have numbed my bones and my soul. 

So many questions swirl in the vortex of my sea-water brined mind.
How many people are sitting on the shores of this very ocean right now? thousands? millions? 
What are they processing as they sit and stare? 
Do they share problems with me? 
Why do we all sit expectantly facing the consuming waves?

Sometimes things that are bigger than your little life make you stop and take deep cosmic breaths.
Make you reassess and calculate and evaluate.

My mind is full.
Lifeguards. Jogging. Jogging. Jogging.
Nauseating smell of sunscreen.
Reading Beard on food.
Ravel's Bolero -- why did my ipod select that music for me to ponder today?
A widowed father and a widowed aunt.
Missing peeps back in A2
All of the opportunities to come 
:: sitting expectantly on the metaphorical beach of life with the waves crashing in... 

But You and I do not meet here to philosophize, do we?

I travel to my homeland because of the family that still lives here. To brush up on the roots that I've left here, however thin those are. This has most certainly been a vacation from nutrition- (non-diet) Cokes and Snapples, New Jersey pizza from Mack's and Sam's, Fried seafood from Back Bay Seafood, hot dogs from Maui Dogs, Taylor Ham sandwiches from Uncle Bill's pancakes, and cheesesteaks. We're close to Philly down here on the part of the New Jersey sandbar that is Stone Harbor. In fact many from the City of Brotherly Love summer here the way us Michiganders find solace on the shores of the lakes in the mitten.  So the cheesesteak is king.

Yesterday's lunch was a classic cheesesteak that I've been enjoying for twenty five plus years (ouch, i'm old) at A&LP of Wildwood, NJ. Many meals are never as good when you try to go back and duplicate.  This one never disappoints.

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