Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Grill it baby!

Perhaps this is a lame reason for a post. Consider it a brief, yet strong suggestion. Grilling season is not yet at its peak for this year, but tonight I grilled a flank steak for burritos. Generously seasoned with kosher salt, pepper, ground cumin and chili powder. Drizzled with olive oil and seared until medium rare.

The winning star of this combo was not the meat itself, but two limes, halved and grilled with the steak. After the meat was grilled, rested and sliced, I squeezed the grilled lime juice over the top. Suddenly the various toppings I had prepared to go in the burritos were rendered unnecessary. The heat from the grill sweetens, intensifies and brings out sultry notes you didn't know your lime was capable of.

For the record, this can be done with all citrus. Adds a flavorful and moist dimension to any grilled meat or seafood.

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