Thursday, July 07, 2011

eating New Jersey

I'm embarrassed to admit that we took a trip to Hoboken not for the best 'saus'eech sang'uich' possible, but to the famed and overrated Carlo's bakery. Maybe it's unfair to call it overrated.  We didn't actually taste any goods of the Cake Boss.  (Check out an episode or two at TLC).  
my sister, dad, kids and I at Sinatra Park in Hoboken

When we finally found ourselves on the main drag in Hoboken, we discovered that there were already two or three hours worth of people who beat us to the bakery.  I knew there was a possibility of a long line. AND I knew that my patience would not last more than 30 minutes of waiting for a cupcake with four hot and squirmy kids.  Upon seeing the line, there was no discussion that we would wait.

The night before I did a little Chowhound and UrbanSpoon research to find lunch spots, in the event that Carlo's was too crowded.

On the top of our list were the Taco Truck and Fiore Deli.  My sister and I would have probably chosen TTT if left to make our own decision.  But since my dad's vote counts like three to our two, we settled on Fiore, what he was more comfortable with.
 It was gloriously old school, like we had stepped back in time.
they knew once we tasted, we'd be hooked

The sandwich of the day was "sausage in red gravy".  I told you it was old school!  So we chose our bread out of the case, and handed it to the guys to make our sandwiches.  They took the bread in the back and stuffed it full with their famous house-made mozzarella, then brought it back to where we could see and proceeded to top the mozz with the most flavorful red gravy and sausage.  

After surveying the glorious sloppiness, we decided that our original plan of eating in the car was no longer viable. So we drove back to North Jersey and enjoyed the sandwiches at the dining room table.   

In the end I'm glad that we didn't have cupcakes for lunch. This sang'uich was far superior to anything sweet.

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