Wednesday, October 13, 2010

farmers' market wednesday

Produce excites me.  Beautiful produce brings a tear to my eye.  This is why I love the farmers' market.  Not only am I among all of this loveliness, but I am among others who love fresh fruits and vegetables so much that they dedicate most hours of their lives growing and selling it.  Now, I realize that I'm a food dork, and you might not be quite as dorky as me, but come on!  Look at the natural marketing of this chard. It doesn't need an ad campaign.  Bright yellow stems scream to be bought and tossed with garlic, crushed red pepper and salt in a saute pan and served over fresh pasta with a coarse grating of ricotta salata.

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Lilies of the Field said...

it's our people. 'dem our peeps... .yup.. it's official _ i'm not awesome enough to say that.