Friday, August 13, 2010

T H E best lobster roll

I hate being a tourist. It makes me cringe, and I'll often go to considerable lengths to fake like I belong. But the truth of it is, I can't help but be a tourist. I don't live everywhere.

This translates to food too. I generally avoid the touristy restaurants- the traps that serve crappy food.
So when I found out that vineyard natives call Grace Church's Friday evening lobster rolls the best on the island, I knew where I was going to be.

See those hard-working Episcopalians back in the kitchen? That's where the magic happens. (Note that above the window to the kitchen hang a few of the awards that Grace Church has won for said lobster rolls.)

Lobster is so perfect by itself. All you really need is a little mayo and white pepper for a perfect sandwich.

This is how they package it so that you can take the sandwiches home. Someone's thinking outside the box.

And I'm almost certain we were the only tourists there. ;)

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