Monday, April 26, 2010

a recipe for spring asparagus

I have always been a Jamie Oliver fan. Jamie's Food Revolution gig is only the most current step in the line. It's not a fair weather or trendy popularity thing for me. I loved him as the still-wet-behind-the-ears Naked Chef, and even more passionately when he made the Jamie at Home series. Still photos were edited in with video clips of the man in his garden, then retreating inside to cook the fresh produce.

Not only was the information in the Jamie at Home shows phenomenal, the production was so artistic; it was certainly an aspect that was not overlooked. And of course, a stunning cookbook followed. My dear sister waited in a long line at the Short Hills mall in NJ, just to get a "big love" signature from my favourite Brit.

The concept behind Jamie at Home what it's all about for me. So to have a public advocate, and a handsome British one at that, makes me pretty excited. The ability to grow food and then care about cooking it well, not to mention caring to teach others the importance of this kind of cooking is a very sexy combination to me.

One of the best recipes from this series and book is the crispy asparagus and potato tart. A must try for the seasonal eater. It combines the crunchy filo dough, creaminess of a cheesy mashed potato, topped with blanched asparagus. A fabulous spring dinner, perfect served with a lightly dressed salad.

For a laugh, check out this ad that Jamie made for the at-home show in 2007. I can't seem to get it to embed, so click this link to go to YouTube.

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