Wednesday, August 12, 2009

so I'm going on vacation....

Any mothers out there will agree that there is no such thing as a vacation for a mother. There are simply changes of scenery. But I digress.

You know by now (my six faithful readers) that I have a Tantre Farm crop share that I get every week. My ups and downs revolve around this wonderful bounty every week. I'm not going to be around to pick up next week's, and I have already tagged a friend to pick up next week. But I didn't want this week's to go to waste, and we're leaving in 24 hours.

So here's how I spent my last two hours.

  • snapped and blanched one quart green beans (now freezing)
  • chopped and blanched 10 summer squash (now freezing)
  • shucked, blanched, and took the kernels off 8 ears of corn (now freezing)
  • chopped and blanched one head of kale and one head of collard greens (now freezing)
  • breaded and fried two large eggplant (now cooling on a rack - half to be eaten tonight for eggplant parm)
  • made 4 jars full of pesto (basil, garlic, pine nuts, parm reg) (now freezing)
  • slow roasted eight tomatoes (to be suspended in olive oil in the fridge until I'm back)
  • refrigerated six beets and six carrots (they'll probably keep for a week in the fridge)
  • washed the lettuce to eat tonight
  • sliced and ate one yellow watermelon between five of us
Whew! No wonder my feet are aching.

P.S. Another wonderful Ann Arbor blogger, Four Obsessions, is cataloging her Tantre Farm's shares every week. If you're interested, take a look at what we're also eating every week. What a great idea! At one point I thought I could do it too, but I never got around to it. I'm glad she did!


Lilies of the Field said...

I wish I had the countertop to do two of those things... And... You aren't aching cause of that --- - it's your bleeding mommy parts. .now.."I digress.";)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I've had those days spending the whole day dealing with the tantre share thing... it's great when you come back to all those goodies later! And I hope you *do* get some vacation time.