Tuesday, April 01, 2008

new market

There's a new market in Ann Arbor, Plum Market. Opened in early February. Feels like an urban WF, stylish and updated - Not just intended for the "crunchies" among us. Although I love cooking for my family, once in a while I need a break, and at PLUM there are many options. All of the prepared food that I've tried to date has been wonderful, both fully cooked and semi-prepared. Favorites so far have been the southwestern turkey burgers and tortilla chip crusted tilapia. In both of these items, the flavors were balanced so well; it was as good as homemade. Not something I often find with supermarket prepared foods. My single complaint was the chicken tikki masala dish from the hot bar was made with breast meat. While I'm aware that decision was probably made to lower fat content, the chef should know that chicken breast cannot be braised in a sauce and then kept warm for hours. The meat was tough, almost inedible, if it hadn't been for the absolutely delicious sauce.

Other tasty things we've tried there: chicken salad, minestrone soup, turkey lasagna, sushi & pizza, specifically the pesto artichoke is my fav.

The produce is beatiful and wine selection looks thorough (although I haven't spent a lot of time in that area).

One slightly unsettling thing is the music playing in the background. A cross between house music and music that my massage therapist plays. They pump it outside the building too, so that you feel like you're entering an alternate universe. It wouldn't bother me so much, except for the fact that I'm in there for an hour every time I go, buying much more than I planned. >:D

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