Sunday, April 09, 2006

a foodie on a diet

Three and a half pounds dissolved, 24 to go. This is not a happy picture for one who thinks, dreams, drools about the next meal. Gotta loose the baby fat though, or else I'll end up looking like Ina. Just looking at that woman you know she is such an amazing chef.

On the other hand, I'd like to know if Giada has an eating disorder. I think I would feel better if she did. Seriously. Because if not, I definitely have issues with her. Perhaps all she eats every day are the two tasting bites of each dish she prepares. If she's able to eat all of her food and still have that kind of boob-waist ratio, then she needs to be burned at the stake. Just like all of the other "women" in this world who wear size zero. Zero is not a size; it's the symbol of nothingness.

In the light of this health consciousness, I tried a recipe from The best of light recipes (love the original best of - it's tattered like a chef's best friend). Lowfat peanut butter cookies. Weren't bad right out of the oven, but by the time they cooled they tasted nasty. The big flaw of that recipe was substituting brown sugar for peanut butter. Bad move. What are peanut butter cookies if not high calorie bites that leave your mouth full of sexy goodness. mmm... peanut butter... will you please excuse me? there's a tablespoon calling my name.

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