Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Raising the bar :: Part one

I'd like to try to (yeah, that's right. I said "try" to. I'm a realist)  start a series called Raising the Bar.  I don't know if you realize it but there is a revolution happening in Ann Arbor.  It's a facet of the artisanal food movement, one where granola bars & other bar cookies are being HANDmade in small batches, right here in Ann Arbor.  As a general grouping, they are wonderful unique and you can totally taste the love added to each batch.

Here's my first recommendation:  At first I only noticed them at Juicy Kitchen, in whose kitchen they're made.  These Solid Gold Bars are now available at Babo Market, and I think I even saw some at Arbor Farms.  

It's definitely not an average granola bar, and it does indeed taste like solid gold.  Check out the limited quality ingredients found in this bar.  But that doesn't mean that they're low on taste!  The little ginger bits are perfectly zingy and the cocoa nibs add the tiniest bit of indulgence. The soft consistency is a welcome change because you can taste that it's due to the freshness of the ingredients not to a preservative. 

I can't find a website dedicated to marketing these, but I did find this facebook page & this link which describes his mission.   Try to grab one if you see them. It's a snack you can feel good about.